Saturday Night - 6:00pm to 6:45pm @ The East Coast | 21+

Fierce & Fragile Folk
TMULE. Beast-Powered Folk-Rock.
In May 2017, TMULE will be releasing his first solo album in over 10 years. His upcoming EP, "Worldless Lullabies," is a toned down representation of TMULE's signature songwriting style, a deep exploration of the infinite abyss and attempts to shine a light into his own darkness. The fours songs that make up "Worldless Lullabies" are succinct in tone with sonically sprawling outros and dynamic builds that echo the quitest grit and resolve of Sean Mullins to the grungy howls of Drive by Truckers.
TMULE has explored songwriting since 1993. Many of his songs have been used as the backbone and sound of the band The Longest Day of the Year. However, his songwriting reaches far beyond the full-frontal folk-rock of TLDOTY and reaches into the smaller quiet spaces of the heart and mind.
TMULE is a librarian by nature, a creature of organization, curation, exploration, and sharing, with a penchant for folk stories, rock music, and a deep love of literature and writing. He tells stories that dig deep into the well of love, dreams, visions of longing and the terror of loss. TMULE brings out brawlers and bawlers, loud quiet loud, acidity and soul, intropspection and ferocity.
After 2 full band LPs with The Longest Day of the Year since 2012 ("Turn Into the Ground" and "Carapace"), a few low-key solo releases between 2006 and 2008, and over a thousand shows strummed and bellowed between Boston and Fort Collins, TMULE is still ready to RAWK!