Take Note Singers

Saturday Night - 1:00pm to 1:30pm @ Everyday Joe's Coffee House | All Ages

Clean, Cool, Timeless

Once upon a time (1982, to be exact), nine ladies got together to sing at a church activity. They enjoyed themselves so much that they continued to meet once a week, calling themselves The Triple Trio and performing as opportunities arose. As membership shifted over the years, resulting in a group that rarely consisted of exactly nine members, the name was changed to Take Note. The current group consists of 10-12 women who hail from Longmont, Frederick/Firestone, Lafayette, Berthoud, and Fort Collins. All are busy moms, connected by their faith and their love of singing and performing. Nearly half have degrees in music and currently teach private lessons. During the school year, they meet once a week to laugh, rehearse a bit, and laugh some more. They enjoy exploring highly challenging literature in a wide variety of styles, which they perform at events throughout northern Colorado. Above all, they seek to share with their audiences the joy they find through music.