The Symbols

Friday Night - 10:15pm to 11:00pm @ Avogadro's Number | All Ages

Spiritual Porn Rock
The Symbols formed in the musically diverse melting pot of Fort Collins, CO, fusing blues, rock, funk,
Motown, roots, and soul into a gooey and delectable sonic fondue. Guitarist Jasco (formerly of
Grammy-nominated Blinddog Smokin') and vocalist/songwriter/bassist Mer Sal started writing and
playing together in 2011 and forged the template for The Symbols shortly thereafter. Mer Sal’s dynamic
vocals and stage presence, set against the fluid and intricate guitar work of Jasco made for an
unstoppable combination. Even before recording their first tracks, their reputation as a must-see live
band was beginning to attract the attention of clubs and festivals from Colorado to California. Although
the band has been embraced by the blues crowd, and even advanced to the semi-finals of the 2018
International Blues Challenge in Memphis, their sound stretches far beyond traditional blues confines.
Smile, their debut album, is a deeply diverse release that reflects the influences that brought them
together. But as much as funky, vintage R&B, power pop, blues and indie rock are distinct and separate,
The Symbols somehow manage to make it all one seamless, cohesive ride.

Mer Sal - vocals, bass guitar

Jasco - guitar

Nate Brown - drums