Rejekted Kauses

Friday Night - 6:30pm to 7:00pm @ Fort Collins Museum of Discovery - Dome | All Ages

Industrial Strength Noise

I retain my roots in DIY music, using home made percussion rigs, samplers and a random assortment of pedals. My focus is rhythm, percussion and the cycling beats that can happen in the midst of chaos.

Some History for the curious:
Sophomore year in High School saw my first band effort. The band name was Dekadence. Dubbed ‘accapella hardcore’ by an acquaintance, mainly just me and the guitarist, though there was a bass occasionally. We never played a show, but practiced nearly every week for the better part of our sophomore year. We also recorded quite a bit, though I believe all known copies are on tape, and I'll likely never convert anything to cd.
Post HS:
A couple of bands that are direct connections to what I do now. The first was Chemikill Discharge, an industrial band that made efforts to play songs for about a year, then it spiraled more into a noise jam session.
Next was a group called Rekabites, that played one show in a basement on Halloween. This is where I really got into noise and what I feel is roots industrial music. I used movie samples run through effects for lyrics, which we then played on an old tape deck. The rest of the equipment consisted of fly wheels, bicycle rims, 55 gallon drums, chain posts, and an HVAC box. After that one and only show the group dissipated and morphed into last band I had before a ten year break. It consisted of myself and a fellow noise lover. This group used chimes built from fence post, an old record player,huge garage door springs, and other assorted remnants left from Rekabites. This group called Projekt, also played only one show. And it happened to be before a rave at Mishawaka, we were asked to leave the stage by management. I guess the regular dinner patrons had no appreciation for two guys with a noise fetish!