Open to the Hound

Saturday Night - 4:15pm to 5:00pm @ Downtown Artery | All Ages

Atmospheric Wilderness Rock

Open to the Hound is a three piece band out of Denver, Colorado.  Their music fuses atmospheric rock with a dynamic song writing sensibility, which they describe as Wilderness Rock.  As a fusion of grunge and folk, Open to the Hound has curated a tightly-knit fan base for those seeking music reminiscent of the early 90s.  OttH regularly performs along the Front Range at a variety of venues and events from the Larimer Lounge to Syntax Physic Opera, Faceman’s Journey to the Sun Festival in May 2015 and 100 Year Storm in November 2016, Denver Oktoberfest 2016, and Denver's UMS 2016-17.  The EP Way of the Critter was released in April 2016 and accompanying music video Liquid Lady, with local critical acclaim found in Bolder Beat and The Marquis. The band prepares for their single release Welcome to the Enigma Bazaar with Bside Anniversary this December 2017.  Open to the Hound is extremely honored by the recent request for a bar in Denver to be named, The Enigma Bazaar.  More on that soon!