Lewis Crews and the Swing Nuts

Saturday Night - 3:15pm to 4:00pm @ The Colorado Room | All Ages

Eclectic foot-stomping weirdgrass

We are a rabble-rousing, foot-stomping quartet that plays a variety of music - traditional old-time tunes, rock and roll, pop, speed metal - all with a bluegrass flair.  We play at a lot of parties, fund raisers, farms, breweries, small bars and, if no one wants us, Jill’s front porch.  We come up with a personalized band name unique to each venue just to amuse ourselves and stay one step ahead of the sheriff, but you can usually sniff us out on our Facebook page 'Bluegrazz' or on the web at Bluegrazz.net. Just don’t follow too closely, we bite.  

If you are curious, or in the mood for a chuckle, here are some of our aliases:

The Prost Tatoots,The Hanging Chads, Jill and the Well Hung Chads, Hide the Powder, The Pistil Packin' Petal Pushers, Jeremiah Jacks and the Fallen Stars, JJ Kale and the Chard Knocks, The High Hopping Jumping Jacks, The Bluegrazz Baccalaureates,  Rope and Tickle, The Nick Pickers, The Green Bay Pickers, Yankin' Twine, The Harvest Mooners, The Hemoglobin Trotters, Rusty Nails and the Pin Heads, The Bluegrazz Girlzz and Boyzz, Dearth Wind and Fire, The (Kidney) Stones, Shock Wave Lithotripsy, No Signal, Salty Cod, Charismatic Megaflora, and the Scum Plucking Pond Pickers

Once the four of us agree unanimously on a name, maybe we'll settle down and pick one.