The Kity Project

Saturday Night - 3:45pm to 4:30pm @ Illegal Pete's | All Ages

theKITYproject is the new Front Range Folkadelic-Blues band based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. This 4 piece ensemble features soulful harmonies, infectious melodies and rhythms that beg to be danced and is influenced by various artists including Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Bill Withers, Say Anything, Mike Love, Bright Eyes, and many more.
theKITYproject is currently wrapping up studio time, where they just recorded their 3 track EP to be released as a predecessor to a full-length, live tracked album.
Tyler and Kim met in 2011 and rapidly fell in love through music. After moving to Hawaii and playing in a blues rock band for several years, the duo moved back to mainland USA and traveled the contiguous 48 in search of a new home and a place to begin pursuing their musical dreams. On the long journey to Colorado in a beat up camper van, theKITYproject was born, initially with just Kim and Tyler. It has since evolved and now manifests as a four piece ensemble. 
In their short time together, theKITYproject has been selected to play in two major events in Fort Collins: FoCoMX: Fort Collins Music eXperiment and Cohere Bandwidth’s Listening Party at the Downtown Artery. The band was also selected for a two day music event in Nebraska in May 2018. theKITYproject has also played numerous smaller events, taking pride in their ability to adapt their sound to fit the venue. Whether rocking out larger indoor venues or performing an acoustic set in the park, theKITYproject delivers.

Kim Weston - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Ukelele

Tyler Weston - Lead Vocals/Bass/Guitar

Aaron Oberndorf (Big O) - Mandolin/Backing Vocals

Eric Coy - Drums/Percussion