King Eddie

Friday Night - 8:45pm to 9:30pm @ Illegal Pete's | All Ages

Riffy Zen Futurism
King Eddie is the VR-Art Rock project from Jay Mars. The Denver band’s new album, Holographic Universe, released Dec. ‘17, uses Virtual Reality as a metaphor for self-delusion. Facing a grave family illness immediately after the birth of his daughter, Jay navigates this duality through a sort of zen futurism to ask: if reality is maya, or illusion, may we create our own hologram?
Jay relocated to Denver from Detroit, MI in 2016 to begin sessions for King Eddie’s second album Holographic Universe at Moon Magnet Studios. The album debuted this winter on Colorado Public Radio’s Open Air with a brand new lineup including bassist Velvet Adams, guitarist Benjamin Buttice, drummer Linton Wright, and keyboardist Kevin Netz.