Josh Cornal

Friday Night - 8:15pm to 9:00pm @ The Rickshaw Live | All Ages

Acoustic Melodic Punk

I'm a member of a punk rock band called Came and Took It. We're soon to release our second album (recorded at the Blasting Room) and play shows frequently in northern Colorado. Our first record can be found on Spotify.

I grew up in West Texas. Punk rock changed my life. I started writing songs that simply didn't fit into a punk format, so I started a solo project. I released my first EP called Catastrophizer just this year! I had my sister (graphic designer in Austin) do the artwork. I recorded 4 songs in Chicago at Atlas Studios. I played guitars, bass, percussion and vocals by myself. I'm very proud of the sound. And proud of myself for branching out from the full band thing.

I've got some solo shows scheduled, but the full band is definitely more active. I think there's room for a solo punk rock dude with a colorful acoustic guitar with you guys!