The Ghost of Joseph Buck

Saturday Night - 9:15pm to 10:00pm @ Moe's Original Bar B Que | All Ages

desert noir americana
The Ghost of Joseph Buck has been playing around the front range since 2011.  The band’s debut, self-titled EP recorded in 2012, placed itself firmly in folk and Americana while the new EP Scenic brings folk and Americana through a lens of rock, punk, classical, and country thanks to the diverse musical backgrounds of the band members. Both EPs were Recorded and mixed at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, Colorado, the band’s home.
Listen to the Ghost of Joseph Buck and you might envision dusty towns, open roads, and lonesome wanderers. The music is inspired by the struggle and survival of real people with real stories.
"On the band’s second, recently released EP, “Scenic,” The Ghost of Joseph Buck continues to pepper simple yet strong music with Western motifs like a barroom piano, the occasional organ and mariachi horns. But this time they brought along the ballsiness of rock with guitar moments that almost cross over into hard rock."
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