Gasoline Lollipops

Friday Night - 10:45pm to 11:30pm @ Aggie Theatre | All Ages

Folk / Punk / Country
Gasoline Lollipops is a Colorado band that combines the sincerity of dirt-floor folk with the energy and rebelliousness of punk. It's an all-new incarnation of alt-country that’s both high-energy and heartfelt, like the American highway's soundtrack.
Colorado Daily readers voted Gasoline Lollipops "Best Local Musician/Group" for 2017. In 2016, Denver Westword named Gasoline Lollipops Colorado's Best Country Artist.
Here’s what others are sayin’ about the GasPops:
"Uncompromised, vicious and authentic" - The Denver Post
"A group that combines elegance with grit and a rambunctious intensity" - Denver Westword
"One part rockabilly and one part alternative rock, the Gasoline Lollipops have carved out a space for themselves in the Boulder music scene with a sound and feel that is all their own" - Colorado Daily
"Classic. Dark. How I like my country" - Robert Louis Cole