Forgotten Roots

Saturday Night - 9:30pm to 10:15pm @ Drunken Monkey | 21+

Colorado Dub Reggae

Founded in beautiful Fort Collins Colorado emerging Dub Reggae Band Forgotten Roots is cutting its chops along side those brining the sounds of modern reggae to the Colorado Community. 

Blending elements of Roots Reggae, lovers rock, and dub techniques from the UK and Jamaican Reggae scenes. Forgotten Roots brings psychedelic instrumentals, dance oriented bass lines, and classic dub style to carry their message of unification and growth. 

The bonds of the community are the the roots that have gone unnurtured for so long. In a time of ideological polerization Forgotten Roots seek to bring the community together and build on that connection through song and dance while paying respect to a genre that continues to grow and developed around the world. 

Forgotten Roots is influenced by musical acts such as Black Uhuru, John Browns Body, The Ethiopians, Slightly Stoopid, Yellowman, The Scientist, and 10 Ft Ganja Plant. 

Forgotten Roots has preformed in Northern Colorado with bands such as Katastro, Pacific Dub, Bumping Uglies, Kash’d Out, and Project 432.