Drifting West

Friday Night - 8:15pm to 9:00pm @ Tony's - Rooftop | 21+

Grassy Mountain Rock
Drifting West is a Mountain Rock band from Fort Collins, CO. The group has been playing together since 2012, recording their debut EP in 2014 at Stout Studio and most recenlty released a follow up EP in August of 2017. Drifting West blends Rock, Americana, Country, Bluegrass & Funk into an eclectic genre we like to call Mountain Rock.
Drifting West is Karl Ayers (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Nate Jensrud (Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals) and Marcelo Saldivia (Drums, Percussion, Vocals). Influences are vast, but if you enjoy Neil Young, The Band, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Widespread Panic or any of the like, you're going to enjoy listening to Drifting West.