DeeJay Gyro

Friday Night - 12:00am to 1:00am @ The East Coast | 21+

Fun, High Energy

There's no one moment in time that you can point to that would tell you when it all started for Deejay Gyro; a fan of records and music since he was a kid, music of various soundscapes and genres have been the soundtrack to his life, as a child he would make paper records and look through his parents various record collections to the point as a teenager that he fell in love with the club and alternative dance music culture in the early 90s so much that he decided to become a dj. But through the years he has not allowed himself to be pigeon-holed to just one genre of music or allow himself to be just a jukebox dj, but his goal is to be the soundtrack to the next generation and celebration of life in general, be it hip hop, dance, techno or abstract sounds; Having played all over Colorado and Wyoming as well, he seeks to continue to develop as a musician and dj, but also as a person with passion; and he hopes to echo that sentiment into the future.