Dave Beegle Acoustic Duo

Friday Night - 7:00pm to 7:45pm @ Magic Rat | 21+

Acoustic Guitar Virtuosity

Dave Beegle plays guitar so well that peers such as Phil Keaggy calls him one of the most creative and accomplished guitarists I've met. He has been playing acoustic guitar as a solo act, in duo formats, and full band settings both acoustic and electric (see: Jurassicasters), and in the 90s gained notoriety as a pivotal part of the innovative acoustic-based group, the Beegle-Olson-Quist Trio. Two-thirds of that group will be on display, as longtime bassist Michael Olson adds his low-frequency stylings to the festivities.  Dave’s acoustic sound ranges from classical to flamenco to fingerstyle steel string, and even to fusion and classic rock under the right circumstances. A true Colorado original!