Comedy - Elliot Woolsey w/ David Rodriguez

Friday Night - 6:00pm to 7:00pm @ The Colorado Room | All Ages

FoCoMX 2018
Elliot Woolsey (Headliner) is a larger than life stand-up comedian from Denver, Colorado. Towering at an unnatural 6’5, and weighing in at barely-healthy 250 pounds, Elliot’s high-energy, and commanding stage presence has made him a rising star in the Denver comedy scene. Elliot won the 2012 Comedy Works new faces contest, and has become a regular at the club, opening for amazing comedians T.J Miller, Todd Glass, David Allen Grier, and many more.
In 2015 David Rodriguez (Host) burst onto the Colorado comedy scene by winning Denver Comedy Works' prestigious New Faces Competition. Now in addition to performing regularly across the state and country, he runs weekly (Colorado Room) and monthly (Aggie Theater, Lyric Theater) shows in downtown Fort Collins that have hosted the likes of Todd Barry, Nick Swardson, Kyle Kinane, and many more.
Audiences of all ages and backgrounds respond to his vibrant comedic style, which is a mix of animated story-telling and fun acerbic insights into a wide range of topics ultimately centering around being a responsible young parent living in a generation where growing up is generally frowned upon.