Brian Villers

Saturday Night - 7:00pm to 7:45pm @ The East Coast | 21+

Acoustic Singer Songwriter

Brian Villers began his musical journey in Fort Collins in the early 90’s as a founding member of the Heavy Metal band Immortal Dominion (I. D.) where he played rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Over the bands 20 years they toured around the country and opened for dozens of national acts such as: OTEP, Fear Factory, Malevolent Creation, D.R.I., Dokken, Static X, and many others. The band also landed 5 songs on the soundtrack of the indie film, “TEETH”, which gained a cult following and was shown in theaters internationally. Teeth is still shown on movie channels like IFC and HBO to this day. Immortal Dominion recorded 3 albums and one EP over its career working with award winning producers Jason Livermore, Sterling Winfield, and Dave Otero.

In 2013, after Brian had taken over lead vocals, the sound of Immortal Dominion had gradually, but drastically, changed from Heavy Metal to Hard

Rock. So, while in the Blasting Room studios recording an EP, the band decided to change its name to New Creature. The new band was short lived because all the band members in New Creature became involved it other musical projects. Through the years, Brian, who wrote the majority of the lyrics for both bands, saved songs to the side that he did not feel fit the Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock genres. In mid-2015, he started compiling material for his new project which was in the Singer/Songwriter vein. “I’ve always loved great song writers no matter what genre the music is. Winding words together in creative and catchy ways, then immersing them into melody and rhythm is one of the greatest feelings on earth.” Heading into 2016, Brian is starting to release some of these songs. The first three are titled - Seed of Bitterness, Genius, and Beautiful Reminder. The new material is much more soft-hearted and soulful than the music of his youth. “I have been writing lyrics since I was young, so I’ve been going through tons of stuff that I wrote over the years and it’s been very nostalgic, and cool to see how far I have come. Time will tell where this new adventure will take me but I’m excited and refreshed by the possibilities.”