Bigga Digga

Saturday Night - 7:30pm to 8:15pm @ The Rec Room | 21+

Groove Pocket JazzRock

Formed in 2005 from the remenants of several key jazz and funk bands in Denver, Bigga Digga forged a path for the next half decade, putting more than a little sause and swagger into the smooth jazz scene at the time. Propelled by the rhythm section's pocket-groove gravity well, irreverant harmony and melody ran counter-culture raids on a genre dominated by proper ladies and gentlemen. Clothed in familiar sounding intrumentation, Bigga Digga spliced the DNA of multiple music styles like mad scientists who never bothered to ask if they should, and created their own musical organisms, however ugly, but completly adapted to thrive on the meek. Having gorged itself on an increasingly divergent music scene in Denver, Bigga Digga led itself to pasture, where it would stud countless other offspring in other towns across the Front Range.

Now, after an eight year hibernation, and in celebration of FoCoMX X, Bigga Digga will once again hunt down proper jazz and tear it to shreads.